Commercial Electrical Services in South New Jersey Industrial Electrical Services in South New Jersey Industrial Electrical Services in South New Jersey Commercial Electrical Services in South New Jersey

Proudly Serving the South New Jersey Area

Commercial Electrical Services in South New Jersey

Two Generations of Electrical Expertise

Sullivan Electric Company LLC is a company responsive to the needs of other businesses in the highly competitive world of the 21st century coupled with the years of a strong reputation for expertise, leadership, and longstanding relationships with proven capacity to handle all of our customer's needs. We service the Greater Philadelphia Metro area.
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South Jersey Electrician - Sullivan Electric Company LLC

Experts in Knob & Tube Wiring Upgrades

Commercial Electrical Services in South New Jersey

Knob and tube wiring was most commonly installed in homes between 1880 and 1935. This system utilizes wire that is wrapped around and drawn through a series of ceramic tubes. If you think you might have knob and tube wiring, or your home was built during this time period, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

If you would like to take a look yourself, just compare what you see in your attic or crawl space to the picture on this page.

We can say with near certainty that any knob and tube wiring system still in use today is no longer safe. It is our recommendation that you have a full home rewiring completed to help ensure the safety of your home. Replacing a knob and tube system will help keep your family safe from...

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We Service the Following Areas:

New Jersey: Burlington, Camden & Gloucester counties. Other counties for work on a case by case basis.

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Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - Weekends by Appointment

Electrical Panel Upgrades

South Jersey Electrician

You will need to upgrade your electrical panel under these conditions:
It is unsafe. If you have an old electrical panel, or one that uses fuses, read more about unsafe electrical panels here. It is not big enough. If you are frequently tripping circuit breakers...
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Industrial Services

South New Jersey Electrical Troubleshooting

The Sullivan Electric Company has been innovating in the industrial electrical field since the company's founding in 1974. We have a vast amount of experience working on all sorts of equipment and manufacturing lines. We are also capable of working around...
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Parking Lot Light Repair

South Jersey Commerical and Industrial Contractor

If your business has parking lot lighting or other outside lighting, you may not be sure if all your lights are on every night. Burned out lights can be a safety issue as well as hurt your company's image. Our electricians specialize in parking lot and....
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Commercial Electrical Services in South Jersey
Industrial Electrical Services in South Jersey
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