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Thomas F. Sullivan III graduated from Saint Joseph’s High School in South Camden to take a job at Bell Supply on Route 130, thus developing his  first taste of business to business solutions. The next job he held was in the James B Ryan Heating and Air Conditioning Company. It was after a period of one year, Thomas found his love for all things electrical when started off in 1956 in the electrical field with a small but savvy company out of Collingswood, NJ known as the Star Electric Company.

It was there that Thomas cut his teeth on countless commercial and business accounts, specializing in Salvage Yard work as well as Cranes. It seemed like every manufacturer in the Greater Camden/Philadelphia area was serviced by that team of industrial and commercial electricians. It was there that Thomas saw the needs that a service business specializing in the unique demands of the electrical needs in a business to business setting.

After twenty years of experience in the electrical field went off on his own and formed the Sullivan Electric Company, the very same year that his son Tommy was born. Since the company’s founding in 1975, it has proven to be both a family run operation with almost every person involved to some degree at one time or another. First his wife Kathleen during the company’s founding and his daughter Colleen’s involvement a decade later. Even a son-in-law, Mark marrying into the family has been pulled into our enterprise.

Now the company and namesake are being handed to the second generation. The result is a company responsive to the needs of other businesses in the highly competitive world of the 21st century coupled with the years of  a strong reputation for expertise, leadership, and longstanding relationships with proven capacity to handle all of our customer’s needs. Thomas is handing the reigns over to Tommy to take control of the wagon so to speak. Don’t worry Thomas will still be around to share his years of expertise with.