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Industrial Business Needs South Jersey Electrician

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If you have an electrical problem, but have no idea where it stems from, you need to call out the professionals. You need a team that is familiar with a wide range of problems and not the typical ones that tend to plague small businesses and residences. You need a South Jersey electrician that has […]

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Major Repairs a Priority for Businesses Says South Jersey Electrician

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It seems like summer just started and although we still have a few weeks left, it is time to start taking care of the little things that will make the winter weather much more tolerable. It is never too early to start preparing for the wild weather that tends to happen at the end of […]

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Take Advantage of Extended Daylight with South Jersey Electrician

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Summer is in full swing and it is an excellent time to take advantage of the extended daylight hours. This is the time of year business owners can take care of some projects they may have been putting off until the weather was a little easier to work with. With a lull in the storm […]

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Experience Matters when Choosing South Jersey Electrician

In South Jersey electrician | on 06.30.14 | by |

There are times when you need a professional who has a special set of skills that you will not find in a typical business. Business owners who have large commercial equipment have probably discovered a typical electrician does not always have the skills or knowledge to work on the larger equipment. There are occasions when […]

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Safety Enhanced with Help of South Jersey Electrician

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Taking care of all of the little things around your commercial or industrial business can be a full time job. In most cases, those who are trained to run a business are not typically trained to repair the parking lot lights that provide safety and security for employees and customers. Fortunately, you can count on […]

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Why You Need a Commercial South Jersey Electrician

In South Jersey electrician | on 05.31.14 | by |

The weather has warmed up and the tourists are flocking into the area. This is an excellent time for businesses to capitalize on the season. Any good business owner knows looks do count and customers put a lot of weight on the overall look and perceived safety of a business. A well-lit parking lot is […]

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Save Time with Experienced South Jersey Electrician

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Not all electrical repair companies are quite the same. There are some who specialize in residential repairs and a few who can take care of larger, industrial jobs. When you are looking to hire a South Jersey electrician, you need to look at a few key things before making a hiring decision. It is important […]

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Brighten Your Business with South Jersey Electrician

In South Jersey electrician | on 04.30.14 | by |

If you own a business, you know you need to keep up on some important repairs. Your employees and customers should be your top priority and you know one of the most important parts of any healthy business is that it is safe. One way to ensure the safety of both customers and employees is […]

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Customers Count! South Jersey Parking Lot Light Repair a Priority

In South Jersey electrician | on 04.15.14 | by |

Businesses have a responsibility to provide plenty of light in their parking lots for customers and employees. Failing to do so puts a business at risk of legal trouble and looks poorly in general. It just makes good business sense to have a nice, well-lit parking lot that is inviting in South Jersey. Parking lot […]

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Learn More About Utility Pole Replacement South Jersey Residents

In South Jersey electrician | on 03.31.14 | by |

Commercial and industrial businesses have probably discovered that not all electricians are trained to work with their specialized equipment. You need a trained and experienced South Jersey electrician who can work on your building and equipment. Hiring somebody who isn’t properly trained is a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, you can count on Sullivan Electric […]

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