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ceililng fanAlthough ceiling fans can help you to feel much cooler, they work much differently than air conditioners. You can use your ceiling fans to create a breeze that helps cool you off in the summer, as well as circulate warm air to help you feel warm in winter.

Ceiling Fans Make Great Breezes

During the hot times of the year, a ceiling fan is a great way to create a cooling breeze. This breeze will help your body to cool down by evaporating perspiration on this skin, making you feel a few degrees cooler. For this to work properly, your fan should force air downward. Your fan will typically be moving in the counter-clockwise direction with the upturned edges of your fan blades leading.

If your fan is equipped with a button for changing directions, then you can also use your fan to help make your home feel warmer when it is cold. Because warm air will rise to your ceiling, you can take advantage of your fan to bring the warm air back down to where you are. Just reverse your fans direction so that it is pulling the air upward. The blades should turn clockwise with the downturned edges leading.

Once you do this, you will pull cool air upward and push the warm air back down towards you. This also helps to keep your fan from creating a breeze, which will make you feel cool.

Use Less Electricity With Ceiling Fans

Because of the lower amount of electricity required to run a ceiling fan, you are essentially buying cooler temperatures at a much lower cost. This is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to stay cool while saving money. Always turn your fans off when nobody is in the room, however. They have no effect when you are not nearby.

Ceiling Fan Styles

You can find fans in a variety of styles to fit your decorations and likes. You can also find them with options such as lights, dimmer switches and remote controls. If you would like, we will install any fan that you choose from the store of your choice.