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free estimatesFeel free to call us at any time during normal business hours for a Free Estimate. We can also provide you with free over-the-phone assistance for many electrical needs.

Why Do We Give Free Estimates?

There are many electricians out there who will not give free over-the-phone estimates. Instead, they will insist on coming out to see the job themselves, charging afterwards for either the estimate or a “trip fee”. In many cases, they will then offer to waive this fee if you choose them to complete the job.

This way of doing business is very different from how we like to do it. They are hoping that you will choose them as a way to gain your money back from the estimate itself. This pressuring may lead you to choose an electrician who is not right for the job, or has rates that are much higher than other qualified electricians.

We have chosen to offer free over-the-phone estimates so that you do not feel more pressured than you should feel. Rather than leaning on unfair pressure, we let the quality of our work and fairness of our prices do the talking for us.