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electric motorsAs a NJ licensed, insured and bonded electrical contractor specializing in commercial and industrial accounts for the past four decades, we understand that unique demands that the discriminating corporate customer can place upon us. We can provide expert trouble shooting (our most focused specialty), maintenance, installation, and consulting services.

The repair of machinery of an electric or electronic based nature is not simply replacing parts or mucking around inside until something is found. Instead, it is actually a systematic and logical series of steps known as troubleshooting that ends in a working machine for you. The best diagnostic tool is of course a skilled and experienced technician whom understands electricity and the nature of circuits to be able to correctly identify the various components and how they function. Understanding what exactly the machine is supposed to do and where it is going off track makes for an easier correction. Our troubleshooters will track down the error or errors involved and make the needed repairs to get the device operational again.

There isn’t a true need to be a specialist in just a few types of machines that are being repaired. After all machines are manufactured and built using the same principles, though with possible variations of component requirements. Our sharp technicians will make short work out of their functions and purpose just by grasping the basics. All of our technicians have a minimum of fifteen years in the field. So rest assured you aren’t getting any inexperienced people who are learning on your machines.

An often neglected step in adding any equipment in your facility is the proper electrical planning. With forty-one years as a continual running family owned electrical contractor with talented employees we can easily meet your needs and collaborate with you to get the best use of our services. Proper planning – evaluating equipment placement, power requirements and the like – can save a lot of headaches down the road. We work out whether the equipment can be powered from your existing system or if additional power will be required.  We evaluate the proposed equipment location within your facility and note any potential installation difficulties. We always provide solutions to any difficulties found. In short, we give you the electrical perspective of the installation so that you have greater prediction and control of the project.

We repair the following equipment and more:

  • Electrical/ electronic motor controls in both ac/dc
  • Machine tools; lathes, mills, presses, brakes and shears. nc and cnc, multi axis.
  • Packaging machinery: wrapping and strapping.
  • water jet, plasma and laser cutters.
  • Commercial ovens: Baxter, Carter and Guyon.
  • Industrial wood working machinery; automatic dust collecting equipment, saws, planers etc.
  • Compressor controls.
  • Welding machines: single phase and three phase installed, maintained, and modified
  • Distribution systems: single, two, and three phase transformers, phase changers and inverters.