dimmerAlthough it may be surprising at first, it is completely normal for your dimmer switch to feel warm when it is in use, especially if you are using more than one dimmer in the same area.

If your dimmer feels excessively hot when you touch it, however, there could be serious safety issues. In this case, give your local electrician a call so that they can check it out.

Two Important Warnings For Dimmers

  1. Make sure that you do not connect a standard dimmer to paddle fans, anything with a motor, or low-voltage lights. You must use a special dimmer for these devices.
  2. Take care to not exceed the dimmer’s recommended wattage. A standard dimmer is designed to handle 600-Watts maximum. This means that you can use at most 10 sixty-Watt bulbs or 6 one hundred Watt bulbs.

If you find yourself needing to use more than 600 Watts in your fixture, there are special high-wattage dimmers for this situation.